Dear Edgemere Free Methodist Church-To our brothers and sisters in Christ,

Most of you are aware, but for those of you who aren’t, we would like to provide information regarding the state of our church. It was announced yesterday (6/14/2020) that our senior pastor, Tim Rush, is retiring. Retirement is a huge step within our lives. Now, for many of us at Edgemere Free Methodist Church, this brings mixed emotions and probably some questions. Before we get into “Where do we go from here?”, your church board would like to express that our pastor has been endeared to us. Collectively, our board members have attended our church for many years, as many of you within the congregation have as well! We would be understating if we believed that the congregation and general membership doesn’t carry a bittersweet feeling as much as board members, knowing that the man who nurtured our spiritual growth for so many years will not be the consistent figure in our pulpit each week.
We would like to offer how blessed we have been to have a man as dedicated to the Lord, as faithful to the Lord as Tim Rush. Tim has been critical of himself (many times in that same pulpit), but we know that we have gained a wealth of spiritual structure and relative information of how to live our daily lives. We are all flawed, so having shortcomings is part of us all. So as much as Tim could offer those shortcomings, we looked upon him in a different light – we loved the man like he loved each of us! So, to give your life like he has done, which is to love the Lord and to love him so much he would spread Good News each and every week, is not just a love for the Lord, but a genuine love for people too. Most pastors move around, but our pastor has been here for basically 40 years. Forty years of reaching the lost; forty years of feeding his sheep (you and I). It is no doubt in our minds that the day he meets the Lord, our Lord will say “Well done thy good and faithful servant”. We will miss Tim greatly, but all of us deserve a chance to wind down and not carry the demands and responsibilities that we did in our youth. All we can do is to be thankful and remember the lessons he taught us. With much love and appreciation, we hope his retirement brings a satisfying time in his life. He and Peggy will be greatly missed in their everyday capacities. We would also welcome that they would continue to attend EFMC, after-all, we all need spiritual lessons no matter what age we are! Knowing that your children, in-laws and friends are still vital participants at Edgemere, we hope you still consider this church as “home” as much as we consider it home you have been instrumental in providing to us.
God Bless you Tim!

In addition to Tim’s retirement, we would like to announce that Timothy B. Rush has been appointed our senior pastor by the Conference Board. Timothy has already been working in the capacity of assistant pastor. He has been making an impact to our church e.g. Timothy took on the role of director of our C.R. (Celebrate Recovery) program, a program  to help people overcome hurts of all sorts, all the while trying to lead them to salvation or encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Timothy provided sermons for us at least once per month, and also heads up our announcement videos as well as assisting with our sound each Sunday. He took a leadership role for our 2019 VBS when we were in need of someone to step up, and had planned to do the same for our 2020 VBS until the recent pandemic changed our VBS plans. Many of us has had the opportunity to watch Timothy grow into the fine young man he has become as he was raised his entire life here at Edgemere. He has a sincere determination for the Lord and the Lord’s work. We would believe that our congregation has seen the promise in Timothy’s development, the same that the board has seen since he became our assistant pastor. We also had the luxury of a trial run leading up to senior pastor Tim’s retirement. Yes, the board recommended Timothy’s appointment to assistant pastor. After seeing what this young man had to offer, we also recommended to the conference board that he be appointed senior pastor upon the elder Tim’s retirement. None of the decisions the board made were taken lighty; they were thoughtfully and prayerfully made. We believe, as should be, that the Lord guides our steps; he places these things on our hearts. We try to do the best that we can in being good stewards to the Lord. We also believe that knowing that Jesus is in complete control of everything, it is not as much a decision of a church board, or a conference board, but Jesus putting those in place that he desires. We believe Jesus places on our hearts to do his work with the circumstances we face. Well the circumstance we face – Tim’s retirement, so, in partnership with our Lord’s guidance, we had confidence that the recommendation of Timothy’s appointments was in alignment with Jesus, and that it was truly HIS appointment. We, as the Board, welcome Timothy to carry in faithfulness of the Lord’s Word and direction and ask that the congregation support Timothy in his efforts to promote Jesus, to do the Good Works of The Lord, to reach the lost. Who knows, maybe we can get another 40 years of insightful lessons…now wouldn’t that be a blessing?

Welcome Timothy…many blessings to you and your family!

Edgemere Free Methodist Church Board