EFMC COVID-19 Updates & Procedures
Please refer to this page for updates concerning our service locations and new policies and procedures.
     We praise God for the ability to have in-person services as well as continue on online streaming! We understand that all are not able to attend whether those in a high risk category or who do not yet feel comfortable. For those who we do see on Sundays, know we will practice social distancing in our lobby and halls, and ask you to avoid congregating in these areas. Hand sanitizer will be available in our lobby allowing for as much of a touch-less experience as possible.
You will find our Sanctuary re-arranged to provide social-distancing, and we ask that you allow proper distance between yourself and those who are not in your family. Please use the bathrooms sparingly.
     Adults and children older than five (per the newest updated guidelines), please wear a mask except for those who are medically unable. We understand that the new policies our county has laid-out make it difficult for parents with young children, as children don’t always understand, and many want to continuously take-off the mask. We appreciate parents working with us to adhere to these new policies, and understand that young children are still learning how to wear masks and keep them on. Even if your child is still learning, we still encourage you to attend!
 We will have a modified children’s church to allow for social distancing and proper safety precautions, please see our new procedures below:
We miss our EFMC kids and will be putting the following social-distancing measures in place during our children’s church hour:
Nursery/Pre-K/Jr. Church:
1.) More classes and classrooms will be established for children of the same age/class so that each class will consist of no more than ten children and one teacher.
2.) All children will have a set of their own supplies for crafts, etc. which will be for personal use only.
3.) Proper ventilation will take place in each room.
4.) Disinfecting supplies will be available for teachers.
5.) Hand-sanitizer will be used for snack-time as well as before using toys, play-doh, etc.
6.) Hand-sanitizer will be available for all children in the main hallway just outside of Kid’s Church area.
7.) Any toy that a young child puts in his/her mouth, etc. will be separated for proper disinfecting to eliminate the sharing of germs between children. 
8.) Parents of infants, we encourage you to bring a few small toys for your child’s own personal use to prevent the spreading of germs.
We look forward to worshiping with you Sunday, whether in-person, or via live-stream!

To God be the glory!